The ReCEnT Project

ReCEnT Papers

Commencement year: 2009

The ReCEnT project aims to document and analyse the nature of the clinical and educational content of general practice registrar consultations.

The project includes registrars from GP Synergy, Eastern Victoria General Practice Training (EVGPT) and General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT). The project also includes historical data from registrars at General Practice Training Valley to Coast, Victorian Metropolitan Alliance, Tropical Medical Training, Adelaide to Outback General Practice Training.

From 2018, ReCEnT includes all current GPT1/2/3 registrars from GP Synergy, EVGPT and GPTT.

Registrars record the details of sixty consecutive consultations on three occasions (once per term) during their training time. Data is entered and collated, and a feedback report is provided to the registrar within three weeks of returning ReCEnT data. Collated registrar data is used for educational purposes – to provide registrars with reflective feedback and to inform RTO training programs.

If a registrar provides consent, their data is also included for wider research purposes.

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