Research Projects

The impact of telehealth in vocational general practice training

Commencement year: 2022

This qualitative project aims to explore how telehealth uptake has impacted on the clinical and educational experiences of general practice registrars and on the general practice vocational training model.

Changing Registrars’ Antibiotic Prescribing (ChAP II)

Commencement year: 2021

This project aims to develop and test the efficacy of an educational package designed to reduce the prescription of inappropriate antibiotics for non-pneumonia respiratory tract infections.

The PEP-ReCEnT Project

Commencement year: 2021

The PEP-ReCEnT project explores the in-consultation clinical and educational experience of GP Synergy Practice Experience Program (PEP) participants.

DPMAMS – Impact on professional and personal development of graduates

Commencement year: 2019

The Diploma in Practice Management in Aboriginal Medical Services (DPMAMS) qualitative project explored graduates’ experiences of the course and the effects it has had on their career and professional development.

ReCEnT Utility

Commencement year: 2020

This project aimed to explore the usefulness of ReCEnT as a work-based assessment and a Patient Encounter Tracking and Learning Tool (PETAL ).

The Questionable In Training Clinical Activities (QUIT-CA) Index

Commencement year: 2021

This project aimed to construct an index of ‘low-value’, questionable clinical activities, and explore registrar, patient and practice factors associated with the index, as well as how index scores relate to performance in clinical teaching visits and final exams.

The CTV Project – What is in a visit?

Commencement year: 2020

The CTV project investigates the content and educational utility of both face-to-face and remote modalities of Clinical Teaching Visits (CTVs) and Practice Experience Program (PEP) direct observations.

The ReCEnT Project

Commencement year: 2009

The ReCEnT project is a flagship general practice (GP) education and training project. This ongoing project documents Australian GP registrars’ educational and clinical experience over time.

Competency Assessment Grid (CAG)

Commencement year: 2018

This project established the content and construct validity of GP Synergy’s CAG, including exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses. It also explored the utility of the CAG in predicting performance in RACGP Fellowship exams.

Clinical Reasoning

Commencement year: 2017

This project explores clinical reasoning as measured by the Diagnostic Thinking Inventory (DTI) in supervisors, medical educators and registrars, including DTI scores, factors associated with DTI scores, and in registrars, an exploration of associations with RACGP Fellowship exam performance.

The New alumni EXperiences of Training and independent Unsupervised Practice (NEXT-UP) study

Commencement year: 2018

The 2018 NEXT-UP study aimed to address the gap in knowledge surrounding early-career GPs’ post-Fellowship practice (at 6-24 months post-Fellowship).

Exploring the predictive value of the Mock-AKT

Commencement year: 2018

This project examined the relationship between Mock-AKT scores and RACGP AKT and RACGP KFP exam performance for GP Synergy registrars.

The Registrars Deprescribing of Inappropriate Medicines in the Elderly (Re-DIME) study

Commencement year: 2017

The Re-DIME project’s goal was to design and deliver an educational intervention to registrars and supervisors for deprescribing inappropriate medications in older patients.

The BENzodiazepines: Enhancing compliance For reduced prescribing In Training (BENEFIT) study

Commencement year: 2017

The BENEFIT project aimed to decrease registrars’ prescribing of benzodiazepines and related drugs (‘Z-drugs’) through an educational intervention delivered to registrars and supervisors.

Peer Mentorship Project

Commencement year: 2018

The Peer Mentorship project explored the experiences of mentors and mentees in a state-wide peer-to-peer mentorship program for GP registrars.

Evaluating GP Synergy’s Pre-GP Term Assessment

Commencement year: 2017

This project aimed to determine if the Pre-GP Term Assessment (PGA) used by GP Synergy has utility in predicting failure, success, and/or performance in RACGP Fellowship accreditation exams.